Mobile Financial Terms Explained

Mobey Forum’s paper “Mobile Financial Terms” has been produced by Mobey Forum’s members. In a bid to elevate the accuracy and quality of the descriptions offered in the paper, Mobey Forum has engaged with a variety of independent associations in order to obtain their review and input on terms relating to their specialist fields

Is Financial Services Ready for Biometric Technology?

[avatar user=”” size=”original” align=”left” link=”#” target=”_blank”] by Zaf Kazmi Head of Mobile Commerce, CaixaBank [/avatar] Biometrics is a big talking point at the moment as there is growing consumer dissatisfaction with PINs, passwords and general security around mobile payments. The further down the digital road we go, the more password and PIN management is required…

Bitcoin – clarifying the issues

First of all I would like to thank Mobey Forum and its members for a great conference in Oslo (Feb 2014) and for the many lengthy and thought provoking conversations there. There have been a lot of questions and misunderstandings about Bitcoin, so I have put together a short Q&A about what Bitcoin is, and…

DNB and Telenor Select Gemalto for NFC

Gemalto will be providing TSM Nordic, a company owned by Telenor and DNB with mobile contactless technology for Norway’s first mobile NFC payment service. Gemalto will be providing a comprehensive solution including the multi-customer, shared Allynis TSM Hub as well as integration and development support to offer Norwegian customers the convenience of mobile contactless payments. The solution also includes coupons, loyalty programs and ticketing….