2015 in Review: The Year that Fintech Hit Form  

By Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director of Mobey Forum What a difference twelve months can make. Industry conversations at last year’s Mobey Day, (Mobey Forum’s annual open conference for all mobile money stakeholders) told of an industry undergoing major disruption.  At this year’s event in October, the industry vibe had changed almost beyond recognition, particularly in…

A view from the top – 15 years through the eyes of Mobey Forum’s Chairmen

by Jordi Guaus, Chair at Mobey Forum

This year, Mobey Forum celebrates 15 years since its inception in 2000. From humble beginnings, the association has survived and flourished where other similar organisations have faded. In this blog, we talk to Mobey’s first Chairman, Bo Harald, and current Chairman, Jordi Guaus, to see how the organisation has evolved, the successes it has achieved and what the future holds.